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Gosh's Quack Addict

Rico has been retired of his stud duties as of 2019

We imported Rico from Denison, Iowa, USA in November of 2010 from Gosch's Kennel. 

He is a very sweet, smart and confident dog. He has lots personality and character. He loves his family and has an all around gentle nature. He is really great with the grandchildren, and well mannered in the house. He is very affectionate and loves to curl up at your feet.

Rico is our duck hunting machine- he loves swimming and does an immaculate duck search! In the field he is very focused and thorough, and has an excellent nose and tracking skills. He has a nice soft mouth and a high desire to please. In 2022, he enjoyed a full hunting season at 12 years old - we are so impressed with his condition into his senior years!

Registered with:

  • Small Munsterlander Club of North America

  • North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Hip Certified:

  • OFA 


  • Natural Ability (Prize 1- 110 pts)

  • Utility Prep (Prize 111)

  • Utility (Prize 111)

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Diava Vom Heideschloss

Rest in Peace Sweet Girl

2012 - 2020

We imported Diava from Germany in July of 2012 from KLM vom Heideschloss, Mike Scheer and Family.

Diava is approved, and in the Small Munsterlander Club of North America Dam Breed Book.

She was very smart, kind and gentle in nature. Diava loved people- she was sensitive, affectionate and very loyal.

Diava was fantastic mannered in the house, she always wanted to be where her humans were. She was very attentive and a good watch dog over us and our property. 

Out in the field, she was well trained and found lots of birds.  She loved to swim and her nose and her tracking was accurate and fast. She had a soft mouth and excellent recall.

Diava was a great mom. She loved seeing and playing with her previous litter pups.  Her sweet quiet nature was passed on to her puppies, and will live on in our own program through her daughter, Jixy.

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