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This will be Jixy's second litter


Falco is a beautiful male

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Everyone things they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.

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Please follow the following steps to be on puppy reservation list:

  1.  Consider the timeline of when you will  be ready for a puppy and if you want to be on female or male puppy list.  

  2. Phone us at 403-887-5652.  You can email but we prefer phone call for serious puppy inquiries. 

  3. As soon as the puppies are born, you will be contacted if you are to get a puppy from that litter.

  4. You will have 48 hours from that point of contact for puppy confirmation, to place a puppy deposit of $500. This is the only way you are guaranteed to hold a puppy.

We are very particular about the homes we place our puppies in. We do prefer loving, well cared for homes where they will be trained and worked with daily and actively used for hunting purposes. Preference will be given to those homes and ones that agree to complete the Puppy Natural Ability testing through NAVHDA.

We do understand that it is an exciting time to be getting a puppy, however, just because you have been waiting a long time, you are not guaranteed a puppy from the next litter. This breed is in high demand so please follow the above directions closely.

We take puppy placement very seriously, and want the best not only for the puppy itself, but also for the breed as a whole, and the sport.

Final placement decisions are by breeders discretion.

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